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Portable Vibration Analyzer-Balancer

BALMAC Model 4216 vibration analyzer-balancer We're frequently asked "Where can I obtain a vibration analyzer that can be taken to a machine; perform vibration analysis; and then balance the machine if necessary?"

We're told that they aren't interested in data collectors and software -- instead they prefer a stand-alone analyzer and balancer.

If that's what you're interested in, we have the ideal vibration analyzer/balancer for you!

Available at a very reasonable price, the Model 216-D does everything a vibration analyzer should do; and it also has a strobe light to aid analysis and balancing. It comes complete with 2 transducers, transducer magnets and cables.

  • Dynamically balance fans, pumps and motors
  • Manually-tuned filter for frequency analysis
  • Strobe light for phase and balancing
  • 8 overlapping ranges
  • 150 to 200,000 rpm
  • 115 volt ac or 12 volt dc battery powered (rechargeable battery included)

    Complete information and pricing for the Model 216-D is provided on the specifications sheet that you can view online or download.

    If you have questions or need additional information, please contact the office nearest you.
    Columbus, Ohio office
    Houston, Texas office

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