• Multi-Plane Dynamic Balancing Machine Calculator
  • Easily Perform Complex Dynamic Balancing Tasks
  • Software Program Performs All Functions Of
        A Dynaminc Balancing Instrument
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    EasyBalance Dynamic Balancing Instrumentation System is used to upgrade and modernize existing balancing machines
    Portable field balancer provides everything required for in-place balancing of virtually all rotating equipment
    Our balancing calculator can transform any single-chanel vibration instrument that is capable of measuring vibration and phase into a full-featured, dynamic two-plane balancing system
    One and two day Dynamic Balancing Seminars can be conducted at your facility
    Dynamic Balancing Machine Calculator
    Load this multi-plane dynamic balancing calculator software program
    to your laptop and easily perform complex dynamic balancing tasks.

    The EasyBalance WIZARD Dynamic Balancing Calculator can transform any single-chanel vibration instrument that is capable of measuring vibration and phase into a full-featured, dynamic two-plane balancing system. This $980 program provides features previously available only with high-end balancing instrumentation that cost over $10,000.

    Use this program to perform all the functions of a dynaminc balancing instrument.
    rotor setup screen
    Rotor Setup Screen

    data entry screen
    Data Entry Screen

    polar graffic diagram
    Polar Graffic Diagram

    amount and angle result screen
    Amount and Angle Result Screen

    static couple separation screen
    Static Couple Separation Screen

    split vector program screen
    Split Vector Program Screen

    • Windows point-and-click simplicity
    • Screens are intuitive and self-explanatory
    • Single-plane or two-plane
    • All possible rotor configurations are pre-programmed
    • Drill depth program
    • Component split program
    • "Tape length" program to use with lead or other weighted tapes
    • Static/Couple separation program
    • Print function
    • Automatic log function
    • Automatic weight calculations
    • English/metric selection
    • Polar graphics display
    • Virtually unlimited rotor memory
    • Graphical influence coefficient program
    • Reports customized with your company's information

    If you have questions or need additional information, please contact our Columbus office today!

    Ordering Information
    The Dynamic Balancing Calculator costs $980.00; and the program will be emailed to you after receipt of payment.
    We accept checks and money orders by mail.
    Phone - FAX - Mail Orders
    You can place your order by phone, fax or mail. IMPORTANT: Please provide your Company's information so it can be included on all the reports that are generated.

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